We like to be clear in everything we do.

Vetro tells the story of this place: it talks about transparency and sustainability, it describes the past and the present of this space. Glass was the main element when the greenhouse was used to grow plants, and it remains here today while we are concerned with sharing and quality of life.

If you look around – through the glass – you will see a place that experiments new way of living, working and being together. We like to make a difference, together.

At Vetro you won’t find disposable materials, but glass and ceramic. That is why we ask for a deposit for take-away and for wine glasses in the evening: in order to avoid waste.

We put a great deal of attention in choosing the plates and in making this place a space for wellbeing both for the people who work here and for those who eat.

We want you to know that you are in a special place: here people work in the co-working, parents take their babies to the co-baby, volunteers take care of the vegetable garden and the word “sharing” is a practice not just an abstract idea. Don’t be surprised if you’ll eat together at the same table with people you don’t know and if in the food you eat you’ll find more mixture than tradition.

Vetro is a project by Kilowatt.