Why Vetro (Glass)?

We like to be clear in everything we do.

Vetro tells the story of this place: it talks about transparency and sustainability, it describes the past and the present of this space. Glass was the main element when the greenhouse was used to grow plants, and it remains here today while we are concerned with sharing and quality of life.


Food and Eating as a Life-style Choice

Food and the act of eating are a lifestyle choice.

And, accordingly, a political act. At Vetro, eating is a fundamental part of a model of life that puts the human being at the center, a model founded on sharing, sustainability, well-being, happiness and innovation.



A cross-sectional choice: from suppliers to natural resources 

We live sustainability as a guiding principle, that is why we choose local suppliers, take care of quality, reduce waste, look for new solutions. The culture of healthy food becomes a tool for change!


Vetro In-Box

Eat natural at home

At home or in the office, to delight your lunch break or your dinner with products from our territory: good, organic, genuine and with a short chain. VETRO becomes INBOX. Our sweet and savory proposals, with a sustainable packaging, directly at home.




Sharing starts with welcoming people

That is why Vetro is the ideal place to spend moments of pleasure or for organizing important events. Together we will design and offer the best solution for your needs, with a particular focus on your well-being.